White Paper: Magento 2.0 Site Performance and Scalability Optimizations

The Next Generation Platform Is Architected to Take Your Business to New Heights

Discover the technology and business benefits of Magento 2.0 and learn how you can process 39% more orders per hour and achieve nearly instant server response times.

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Accelerate Site Performance

Integrated Varnish caching and other optimizations improve response times while also reducing server loads to deliver a better shopper experience
eCommerce scalability and performance white paper

Scale for Peak Periods

Multiple master databases let you add capacity where you need it to handle varying workloads across checkouts, products, and orders
ecommerce white paper

Increase Business Efficiency

Improved Admin tool performance boosts productivity and enables larger teams to work on your store.
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See How Magento 2.0 Compares

Benchmark data shows how Magento Enterprise Edition 2.0 handles more orders per hour and delivers faster server response times versus the prior version

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