Yakima Chief Hops Goes Digital to Enhance Customer Service

About the Webinar

Yakima Chief Hops (YCH) is a completely grower-owned global hop supplier for the brewing industry. They turned to Magento Commerce to offer commercial customers the ability to manage complex contracts and inventory with increased accessibility. Through this B2B portal, brewers can place orders 24/7, and homebrewers can also utilize the platform to buy direct. As the world leans more on digital tools in response to COVID-19, YCH is further enhancing the platform’s ease of use and integration.

Join this session to learn the following:

  • How Magento Commerce empowered YCH to address key business issues.
  • The steps taken to fully automate the click-to-ship experience.
  • Efficiencies YCH gained by digitizing B2B ordering.

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30 minutes duration


Jordan Gottlieb

Jordan Gottlieb

Director of Software Engineering, Yakima Chief Hops Jordan Gottlieb is the director of software engineering for Yakima Chief Hops, leading the development of custom enterprise, cloud, web and mobile solutions to support unique business needs, automated integrations between internal and external systems, and leading e-commerce initiatives as a technical product owner and project manager.
Brianna Vaughn

Brianna Vaughn

Inside Sales Division, Yakima Chief Hops As a sales leader, Brianna Vaughn has helped lead the implementation of new streamlined operating procedures, pricing structures, and software, including Magento and Microsoft Power BI. She also played a significant role in integrating the new e-commerce platform with various departments and other aspects of the hop industry as a whole.