Magento 2 Security Challenge Extended

October 15, 2015

Last month, as part of the Magento 2 development process, we invited the Magento community to participate in the Magento Security Challenge by identifying potential security vulnerabilities. Thank you to those who have submitted their reports. For those of you who need a little more time, we’ve got good news.

We have extended the deadline for the Magento Security Challenge! The Magento community will have the opportunity to participate in the challenge up until the general announcement of Magento 2. We can’t share that date with you just yet, but hope that this extension provides you with enough time to complete your reports.

To find the details on this challenge, please visit our original post, which outlines the scope, awards and judging criteria. Magento is conducting its own broad spectrum of security tests and working with an external penetration testing firm to identify potential security vulneribilities, but we are grateful for the community’s insight. Thank you for taking part in this challenge!