Which Security Patches Should I Update for my Version of Magento?

September 23, 2015

By: Piotr Kaminski,
Magento Security Team

A safe and secure Magento store, is a happy Magento store. That means you may occasionally have to install a patch or two to help protect your retail platform. Taking this step could potentially be the difference between angry customers and satisfied ones.

While updating your platform with the latest product version is ideal, it isn’t always feasible, or even possible. Don’t skip out on patch updates just because you’re using an older version. They are essential for your security and your customers’.

To help you out, the Magento Team is sharing this very useful, and straightforward, Patch Security Spreadsheet from John Knowles at our Magento Silver Partner, JH. This spreadsheet helps you update your security with the required patches, no matter what version you are currently using.

Just by taking a minute to look over the Patch Security Spreadsheet and getting updated, you could exponentially help protect your store. Remember, keeping your Magento platform protected with the necessary security patches is an important component to maintaining its security and safeguarding the longevity of your brand.