SQL Injection Vulnerability

April 26, 2016

We recently learned that an SQL injection vulnerability has been found in several third-party themes and extensions. Extensions with the vulnerability include:

  • EM (Extreme Magento) Ajaxcart

  • EM (Extreme Magento) Quickshop

  • MD Quickview

  • SmartWave QuickView

These extensions are used in several different themes, including Porto, Trego, and Kallyas from SmartWave. Other SmartWave themes may also be at risk. Vulnerable EM modules are used in some EM themes. The core Magento application is not impacted in any way by this vulnerability.

We’ve received reports that the SQL injection vulnerability is potentially being exploited. If you currently use these extensions or themes, you should immediately reach out to the company from which you purchased the extensions or themes to request updated code. We understand that Themeforest, part of Envato Market, has already removed the vulnerability from the Porto theme, but the status of other themes and extensions is unknown.

It is also important for you to evaluate all your Magento administrator accounts to make sure there are no unknown users and to reset all your administrator passwords. You can review the Magento Security Best Practices for more information on how to secure your site and use magereport.com to scan your site for missing patches or known issues.

This update is part of our ongoing commitment to advise our merchants on security issues as we become aware of them. We’d like to thank security researcher Daniel Zaretsky for bringing this issue to our attention.