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Magento Services helps businesses tackle the diverse commerce challenges that face visionary, transformative companies. Our edge is derived from our direct access to Magento product owners and engineers, unmatched experience, distinctive end-to-end project approach, and blend of in-house and industry best practices.

Supporting Your Entire Lifecycle

Multi-disciplinary services provide strategic vision, reinforce quality, optimize performance, and drive operational intelligence.

"Zumiez’s long term relationship with Magento has been an incredible journey of pushing the boundaries of what an eCommerce platform can deliver, developing long term collaboration and relationships, driving sales and delivering value to both organizations."

Paul Kisicki, Zumiez

Innovative companies rely on Magento Services

Commerce Strategy

Maximize the strategic return on your Magento investment and ensure you are well positioned for future growth and innovation. A dedicated Magento Strategic Advisor partners with your commerce and business strategy teams to develop data-driven plans that span diverse commerce challenges including global omnichannel strategy, organizational resource planning, and application security and sustainability.

Business Requirements Consulting

Lower deployment cost and speed up implementation time, while also gaining a deep understanding of how business needs, processes, and back-end systems align with Magento capabilities. An on-site Magento Business Analyst works side-by-side with your client business teams to craft functional and system integration requirements for complex deployments.

Data Science and Analytics Services

Better understand, and align your organization around, the KPIs that matter for success. Integrate machine learning into site personalization, customization, and marketing activities to improve business results. Magento Data Scientists partner with your business intelligence teams to review key metrics, and then employ cutting-edge machine intelligence techniques to construct specific and actionable recommendations that improve the reporting and use of data across any part of your organization (e.g. marketing, inventory management, order processing, sales, finance).

Project Advisory and Governance

Ensure a successful Magento deployment with high delivery quality and faster time-to-value. Receive complete, end-to-end strategic advisory, implementation design, and governance across all stages of your project lifecycle, provided by a multi-disciplinary Magento team lead by a dedicated Technical Account Manager. This service includes Architecture Advisory, Code Audit, and Infrastructure Review.

Architecture Advisory and Dedicated Solution Architect

Reduce TCO and minimize customizations to maximize efficiency and performance of your Magento deployment. An on-site Magento Architect works side-by-side with technical teams on complex systems architecture planning and decision-making. Also available is a fully dedicated Magento Architect who can join your business and developer teams to assist with roadmap decisions, aligning development efforts with budget and business goals, and development itself. Dedicated Magento Architects reduce operational risk, accelerate time-to-market, and share Magento best practice processes and methodologies.

Code Audit

Improve uptime and lower development costs by ensuring analytics, customizations, integrations, and third-party modules are future-proof and operate optimally and without impact to native functionality. This is an in-depth review of your code base, including the subset of code, analytics tracking code, integrations, and extensions, resulting in best practice recommendations to optimize performance and maintainability.

Migration & Implementation Services

Magento Migration experts ensure a smooth, complete, and successful migration from Magento Commerce 1 to Magento Commerce 2, or a seamless upgrade to the latest version of Magento Commerce. This entails a comprehensive review and assessment of your current deployment to provide strategies for a successful migration. If desired, Magento Services will also oversee or implement the migration of data, custom modules, and extensions from your existing Magento deployment and successfully deploy you onto the latest version of Magento Commerce.

Implementation Services reduce the risk and time-to-value for new-to-Magento B2C and B2B merchants. Magento experts perform a full discovery, architecture design, implementation, and deployment onto the latest version of Magento Commerce. Depending on client needs, implementations can utilize an accelerated approach (minimum viable product), a multi-site approach (multiple storefronts, country sites, or language versions), or a Global Reference Architecture for complex multi-brand, multi-instance deployments.

Magento Cloud Deployment Services

Accelerate time-to-value, reduce Magento Commerce cloud deployment risk, drive optimal performance, and build operational intelligence. A quick-start service provides coaching and training on Magento best practices along with standard setup, configuration, and deployment of Magento Commerce Cloud and Magento Business Intelligence. For more sophisticated deployments, additional project advisory and governance, code and site performance reviews, and analytic customization are available.

Solution Health Check

Gain confidence that your site will perform optimally while scaling and handling your load needs. Magento Architects and Systems Administrators review your Magento deployment (e.g. production environment, analytics tracking, server configuration) to provide recommendations for optimizing the efficiency and performance of your entire Magento solution.

Infrastructure Review

Improve site response times and gain clarity on stress and capacity limitations. This service is a focused performance evaluation of your production environment to identify bottlenecks to performance, and it provides recommendations for improving site speed, capacity, and response times.

Magento U Training & Certification

Drive organizational intelligence on how to maximize the utilization and ROI of your Magento investment. Magento U provides comprehensive educational modules for every role in your business, from marketing to development. Training materials and coursework are provided in multiple training formats to accommodate every learning style. In addition, certification programs provide industry-recognized, professional accreditation that objectively verifies the skills needed to succeed in Magento job roles. Magento U curriculum is created and taught by Magento experts, ensuring your organization is thoroughly trained on best practices. Visit Magento U for more information on courses and certification.