Frequently Asked Questions
We’ve collected some of the top questions and answers for accessing services and support to help you stay connected and productive.
Is Adobe prepared for COVID-19?
Yes. As the situation with COVID-19 unfolds, we’re committed to giving you the support and resources to navigate this challenging time. We expect no impact to critical systems, teams, or infrastructure and our ability to continue supporting our merchants and partners.
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Will Adobe continue to staff Support and other systems to help Merchants with issues on their sites?
Yes, Adobe has a robust business continuity plan around continued Merchant Support. Our Support team and other customer-facing teams continue to be staffed during these events.
Will my Customer Success Manager (CSM) still be available?
Yes. Though much of our team is working remotely, our employees are outfitted with the technology and tools to continue to assist Merchants.
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Will Magento continue to publish fixes, bugs, and regular minor releases as scheduled?
Yes. We will continue to execute the product roadmap on the existing schedule while our team is working remotely.
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I am still using Magento Commerce 1. Will Magento be changing the end-of-support date?
No. The end of support date for Magento 1 remains June 30, 2020.
I am a Cloud Commerce customer experiencing higher than usual traffic, can I request additional capacity during this time?
Yes. The following article provides instructions to request additional capacity. It also includes strategies to optimize your site’s performance. This will help ensure efficient and smooth site performance in case of a high volume of traffic, expected or unexpected.
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Will my renewal date change if it is scheduled during the COVID-19 situation?
No. All business operations, contracts, and terms remain in effect during the COVID-19 situation.
Are there options to change my payment schedule?
Please contact your Customer Success Manager to see what options are available.
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My business is having financial challenges. How can Magento help?
Please contact you Customer Success Manager to discuss approaches to help manage cash flow in the short-term and still achieve your long-term business goals.
Can I sell gift cards on Magento?
Yes, Magento Commerce offers gift cards as a product type. The following article provides details on how to add them to your site.
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How do I get in touch with Magento for help?
For technical assistance, we recommend submitting a support ticket at the Magento Support Center. For other assistance, such as business guidance and advice, reach out directly to your Customer Success Manager.
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Consult your Customer Success Manager for more commerce tips and support.