Managing your commerce business through change
The global landscape has transformed rapidly before our eyes. Being proactive and adaptable can help you maintain your business today.
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Make sense of a rapidly changing world.

The world has changed practically overnight. Through the noise, there are some emerging commerce themes to keep in mind that can help your business stay strong.


Be agile

Customers are re-evaluating behaviors, preferences, and habits, especially with stay-at-home and social distancing practices in place.

Go digital

The transition to online behavior has accelerated, whether for searching, shopping, entertaining, or connecting.

Stay connected

Customers are inundated with information, but they may lack a good understanding of what is happening with the brands and businesses they care about the most.

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Ask questions to help your business adapt.

As a digital commerce company, you are well positioned to persevere through rapid global changes. However, it is a good idea to ask some basic questions to determine how your business strategy might need to shift.

Changing behaviors

  • Have customers’ behaviors changed under current conditions, and if so, how might that impact their connection with your brand, product, or services?
  • How might changing situations open up new personas for your products or services? 


  • Is the way you position your company or products still appropriate in light of COVID-19 or other events?  
  • Do you need to change the way you connect with your customers (site messaging, blogging, social, SEO, SEM, SMS or email)?  
  • Do your customers know whether your business is still supporting them, and whether you’ve taken any actions to adjust?

Selling and Delivery

  • Have you optimized your end-to-end commerce experience to match current behaviors and expectations? 
  • Do you need to re-evaluate the way you deliver your products or services to buyers? 
  • As buying seasons approach, how might you proactively change your tactics to match new customer behaviors?

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Ideas for adapting your Magento Commerce business.

During times of change, adjusting your business and commerce approach is important to stay ahead of shifting behaviors. Here are some actionable tips you can start with immediately.


  • Update your header with a COVID-19 message
  • Engage with your customers via email, social media, or other channels
  • Consider donating a portion of proceeds to organizations helping with the COVID-19 crisis

Offer free shipping

  • Easily add free shipping to your Magento Commerce site
  • “Free” converts better than “promotions” or “discounts”
  • Minimum order amounts can help maintain average basket size

Offer payment plans

  • Maintain sales by providing installment payment options
  • Help address economic uncertainty with smaller payments over time
  • Utilize Magento Vendor Bundled Extensions such as PayPal Credit and Klarna

Monitor site traffic and security

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Consult your Customer Success Manager for more commerce tips and support.