Magento Commerce vs. Magento Open Source

Magento Commerce vs. Magento Open Source

Magento Open Source may appear like a cost-effective commerce solution, but it doesn’t stack up against Magento Commerce.

Free, but at what cost?

Open Source is a self-hosted commerce platform with robust commerce features available free of charge. However, there are significant trade-offs you face by choosing Open Source instead of Magento Commerce:

Open Source is missing native capabilities

  • No Page Builder: Drag and drop editor for creating and changing site pages quickly without IT assistance.
  • No Content Staging and Preview: Strategic visibility and advance scheduling of site changes to flawlessly push frequent and optimized campaigns (e.g. flash sales) without IT bottlenecks
  • No integrated B2B functionality: Capabilities to quickly expand into new commerce markets 
  • No drag-and-drop visual merchandising: Dramatically simplifies and fast-tracks merchandising changes
  • No automated upsell/cross-sell or advanced segmentation: Essential features for accelerating sales growth
  • No Magento Business Intelligence: Advanced commerce analytics and true business intelligence
  • No Magento-certified cloud infrastructure: An optimized technology stack, included as a part of your Magento contract
  • Limited database scalability: Limits merchant’s ability to scale, grow or address complex selling scenarios

Open Source lacks Magento-provided support

  • Self-support: With Open Source, resolving technical issues rests solely on you and your developer
  • No cloud onboarding assistance: No access to a dedicated Technical Account Manager to assist with launching your site on Magento’s cloud infrastructure
  • No Customer Success Manager: No access to a dedicated point of contact and advisor on maximizing the potential of your Magento investment 
  • No copyright infringement protection: You are solely responsible for defending against 3rd party claims of patent or copyright infringement related to Magento’s core software
Magento Commerce Named a Leader in the 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce

Support for Your
Future – Native in
Magento Commerce 2

Where Open Source falls short, Magento Commerce 2 supports rich functionality right out-of-the-box. Supported by an innovation-driven commerce ecosystem, Magento Commerce offers modern eCommerce solutions for growth-oriented merchants.

  • Deliver superior shopping experiences essential to attracting and retaining technology-enabled consumers
  • Fast-track sales growth by converting more visitors while expanding into new markets and sales channels
  • Boost operational intelligence using true business intelligence technology and powerful analytics tools
  • Deliver outstanding performance at scale with an optimized infrastructure and modernized core architecture

Contact your Customer Success Manager to learn how Magento Commerce 2 helps accelerate growth faster than Open Source.

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