Magento Commerce vs. Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Magento Commerce vs. Salesforce Commerce Cloud

While Salesforce offers some advanced commerce and intelligence capabilities, closer examination reveals significant financial and operational considerations when compared to Magento Commerce 2.

CRM Leadership Does Not Translate into Commerce Leadership

Salesforce Commerce Cloud consists of separately acquired B2C and B2B SaaS-based commerce solutions. You may face significant trade-offs choosing Salesforce Commerce Cloud instead of Magento Commerce:

Unpredictable Ownership Cost

  • Unlike Magento, Salesforce levies a base license fee and collects a percentage of total online revenue, effectively levying a “success tax” on you
  • Costs could potentially vary significantly over time, making it hard to forecast and plan

Split Personalities

  • Salesforce lacks a unified solution addressing both B2C and B2B use cases
  • Merchants wanting both B2B and B2C capabilities must either license, implement, and manage two separate platforms, or heavily customize one or the other for all but the simplest commerce uses cases

Fewer 3rd Party Integrations

  • Compared to Magento Commerce, Salesforce has fewer native integrations with 3rd party tools used to deliver superior customer experiences 
  • Non-supported integrations require custom code, driving up costs and lengthening time-to-market

Limits to Capabilities and Flexibility

  • Salesforce’s SaaS architecture restricts customization in certain areas of the shopping experience, potentially limiting your ability to innovate and deliver a unique experience
  • Salesforce’s proprietary code base requires specialized developers to implement and customize their platform

Be Wary of Einstein’s Intelligence

  • Each Salesforce cloud has its own separate version of Einstein, each living in its own data silo. This limits the ability to derive analytic intelligence and insights across multiple data sources to drive better business decisions.

Smaller Commerce-Focused Ecosystem

  • Salesforce may have a large CRM partner and developer ecosystem, but their commerce-focused community is significantly smaller than Magento’s
  • Compared to Magento, Salesforce merchants have a smaller pool of partners with the necessary experience and expertise to implement commerce solutions across a wide range of verticals, industries, geographies, or use cases
Magento Careers

Magento is the Clear Commerce Leader

Magento Commerce 2 provides more flexibility, capability, and global support than Salesforce to better drive merchant success.

  • Retain complete control and flexibility to deliver superior shopping experiences with greater integrations and no limits to what can be customized
  • Boost operational intelligence using true, integrated business intelligence technology and powerful analytic tools
  • Benefit from a large, global commerce ecosystem – The Magento ecosystem is a vibrant developer and partner community available to directly drive merchant success across a wide variety of use cases, industries, and geographies
  • Deliver outstanding performance at scale with an optimized infrastructure and modernized core architecture

Contact your Customer Success Manager to learn how Magento Commerce 2 can help grow your business potential faster than Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

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