Magento Commerce vs. Shopify

Magento Commerce vs. Shopify

Shopify is a template-based, SaaS commerce platform offering payment, marketing, and customer engagement tools required for running an online store. Shopify’s capabilities do not compare to Magento Commerce.

Compromised Simplicity

Ease of use is a Shopify hallmark, but understand what you'd give up if you choose Shopify instead of Magento Commerce:

Control over the Shopping Experience

Shopify’s template-based architecture:

  • Lacks flexibility to fully customize, compromising your shopping experience
  • Limits your ability to differentiate your site from other Shopify merchants 
  • Forces you to use Shopify’s programming language (Liquid) to make customizations, which require sourcing specialized developers from a much smaller development ecosystem than Magento’s

Performance Limitations

Companies planning rapid growth may hit performance ceilings with Shopify:

  • Shopify throttles API data exchange calls between the core platform and apps/integrations, potentially degrading site performance and the customer experience
  • Shopify’s locked down technology stack prevents you from monitoring, managing, or optimizing site performance

Missing or Deficient Capabilities

Shopify lacks the native features you need for maintaining a competitive eCommerce presence:

  • No content staging and preview
  • No drag and drop visual merchandising tools
  • No advanced pricing rules, coupons, promotions, and store credit option
  • No true built-in business intelligence capabilities
  • No native support for complex product catalogues, subsite functionality, complex order management, or omnichannel capabilities
  • Limited ability to centrally manage multiple sites (e.g. different brands, regions, or currencies) from a single instance
  • Limited extensibility and integration with 3rd party solutions
  • Rudimentary B2B capabilities

Limited Commerce Ecosystem

Magento has a large, vibrant ecommerce ecosystem that helps merchants achieve success. Compared to Magento, Shopify’s ecosystem is smaller:

  • Shopify’s use of a proprietary programming language (Liquid), and its low adoption in the market, translates to a smaller developer community with fewer resources to support Shopify merchant success
  • Shopify’s App marketplace offers only hundreds of commerce applications compared to Magento’s thousands, thus limiting the use cases Shopify can address without custom coding
Choose a Magento Partner

Control, Capabilities, and Community - Native to Magento Commerce 2

Magento Commerce offers rich features out of the box, empowering growth-oriented merchants across the globe.

  • Retain complete control to deliver superior shopping experiences with no limits to what can be customized 
  • Benefit from a large, global commerce ecosystem – The Magento ecosystem is a vibrant developer and partner community available to directly drive merchant success across a wide variety of use cases, industries, and geographies
  • Fast-track sales growth with capabilities that help you convert more visitors and rapidly expand into new markets and sales channels
  • Deliver outstanding performance at scale with an optimized infrastructure and modernized core architecture that provides visibility and doesn’t throttle performance

Contact your Customer Success Manager to learn how Magento Commerce 2 gives you more control and capabilities than Shopify to succeed now and into the future.

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