Magento - Issue Tracking

Magento Issue Tracking

We have moved to a new bug tracking system, which will help us be more responsive to your feedback and give you better visibility into ticket progress. As part of this transition, the old system and issues are no longer available. We captured the most important issues in our internal bug tracking system, so we can continue to track and work these issues.

Found a bug (or an 'issue' as we call it)?  Please review the guidelines below:

Search for Issues

Step 1: Search

There is a good chance the issue has been already reported with so many users reviewing the project. Because of this, it`s very important to check to determine if the issue is already reported before you submit it. Search for the issue and review the results. If it has been reported, please do not submit a duplicate. If you have any additional information to report on the issue, please submit a comment.

Report an Issue

Step 2: Report an Issue

After you've verified that the issue has not been reported, visit the Report New Issue page Be as detailed and thorough as possible . Report what you expected to happen but didn't occur. Include screenshots, error messages, URL's and as much information as possible.