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    At Commerce Shop we help you achieve revenue growth through data driven design, development, and optimization. Commerce Shop is a certified Magento Business Solution Partner, and we go far beyond your typical agency's capabilities given that our development team is also a certified Magento Technical Solution Partner. Of course we provide migration assistance, design, implementation and support; But we really pride ourselves in being unique. Our team has built an enterprise SaaS Magento extention called TargetBay. TargetBay is a CRO eCommerce platform that involved over 10,000 hours of development. This depth of integration with Magento's platform has truly made us Magento experts with serious real world experience that can solve all of your development and conversion problems.

    Commerce shop has one mission. We are committed to help you run a highly successful ecommerce site. Our focus is entirely on making your organization more money. To do this we have committed ourselves to be conversion rate optimization (CRO) experts. There is really only one measure of success in ecommerce and that is how well your convert your visitors into paying customers. We know how costly customer acquisition is and how important maximizing customer lifetime value is to your organization and that is why we invest heavily in CRO training for our team. We own this category of eCommerce and are very proud of it. Our engagements start with a strategy overview. We know that business strategy is best when is solves the simplest, easiest, and most valuable problem. Sometimes this is the low hanging fruit and sometimes it is not. Regardless, this is how we start our engagement with your organization to ensure we deliver results. Once the strategy is nailed, we engage our certified Magento development team to make it happen.

    While we work with brands in all industries we have significant experience in retail, beauty, distribution, and manufacturing. Specialties where we really excel are: product reviews, product UGC, product recommendations, email personalization, subscription orders, pop-ups, and search.