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Why Magento for eCommerce Platforms

Magento Commerce is Part of Adobe Commerce Cloud

Adobe Commerce Cloud, built on Magento Commerce, provides an end-to-end solution powering integrated and fully-managed commerce across all storefronts – physical, digital and virtual. Adobe Commerce Cloud is part of Adobe Experience Cloud, the only integrated platform for analytics, advertising, content creation, and commerce — everything you need for customer experience management.

Reduce Business Costs

Reduce costs, track inventory sales metrics, and automate repetitive order management tasks through the Magento dashboard. Save hours of manual effort and put that time back into your business and eCommerce websites.

Get to Market Quickly

Magento is so agile and user-friendly, you can launch your site quickly, adapt to market needs in real time, and achieve ROI faster than ever. And our experienced solution partners offer special design and implementation bundles for small business.

Drive New Revenue Growth

Integrate multiple shopping experiences including Amazon and eBay. You can even manage all inventory and sales through a single product control and distribution system for your web stores.

Transform Customer Experiences

Deliver an irresistible, seamless shopping experience at every customer touchpoint with Magento Commerce.

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When we started with this online effort, we truly did not not know what we were doing, our customers had a different message online versus when they went into one of our stores. That’s when we landed with Magento, everything started to click.

Andrew Devlyn Director of Innovation, Devlyn Group

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