It’s next to impossible for merchants to understand their customers’ sensitivity to price or shipping charges, and yet no two factors have more of an impact on profits.  Now there’s a way to run important A/B tests that other tools can’t, because they require dynamic changes to the store configuration.

This extension from Best Worlds leverages Magento’s multi-website architecture and advanced configuration structure to make A/B testing possible on *any* aspect of a Magento store.

Merchants can drive more profit out of every visit by testing different pricing, different shipping offers, different extensions and even completely different stores.  

Extension developers can run real A/B tests with their extensions to prove the ROI of their offerings.

And Magento can measure the true business impact of new features and technologies in a way no other platform can.

Advanced A/B Tests



About the Innovator

This innovation was submitted to us by Joe Rollison, CEO of Best Worlds, a Magento Technology Partner. Launched in 2005, Best Worlds is a reference to an optimizer's search for the best among many options. The company has spent the last decade helping Magento merchants grow their businesses through optimization.

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