Finding products at a warehouse, shopping mall or a retail store can be a big problem. Sales reps and customers invest a huge amount of time into finding products.

Using Webkul’s AR Product Navigator, retail shoppers can easily search and navigate to product locations via a mobile app. This app is super useful at warehouses and fulfillment centers, as well as in hyperlocal stores, where delivery time is crucial. Finding products randomly one by one wastes a lot of time, and leads to poor customer experience.

Thanks to Magento 2.3, which also empowers offline retailers with tech stacks like MSI, GraphQL and PWA, this POS app can be used as a product finder. Along with the Magento tech stack, Webkul used ARKIT, and built the custom map and path navigation system from scratch. This can be easily customized and fit for any kind of retail store.

AR Product Navigator



About the Innovator

This innovation was submitted to us by Vipin Sahu, Director and Co-Founder of Webkul, a Magento Technology Partner. Webkul invests its time and resources into creating world class easy to use software and applications for the enterprise business with the top notch, on the edge technology expertise.

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