AR Product Sizing

Returns and refunds are a big pain for retailers, especially in the fashion and footwear industries. More than 60% of returns happen because of size and fit. And traditional size charts are hard to use, non-universal, and do not solve the real problem of size calculation.


Using Magento 2 mobile application + AR implantation, Webkul is enabling customers to measure the correct size using the app. In this way, returns and refunds can be reduced by a huge margin. They are using Magento’s standard and very flexible Attributes API to connect with Augmented Reality, which dynamically calculates the size using the phone camera.

This application is super useful in 2D objects, especially in the case of body detection, and can also be used within various other industries, like furniture and B2B. The app provides the size calculation on various parameters that includes meters, centimeters and feet.

Mobikul team

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About the Innovator

This innovation was submitted to us by Vipin Sahu, Director and Co-Founder of Webkul, a Magento Technology Partner. Webkul invests its time and resources into creating world class easy to use software and applications for the enterprise business with the top notch, on the edge technology expertise.

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