Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) offers merchants a wonderful opportunity to tell their stories by creating deeper connections between our physical and digital worlds.


PHOENIX MEDIA has integrated this powerful emerging technology onto the Magento platform and into the ikarus online shop. Since 1993, this German retailer provides customers with high-quality designer furniture. With this brand new feature, ikarus enables mobile shoppers to easily bring products to life within their own homes through 3D models. By moving, rotating, and examining from all angles, customers can get a better understanding of how furniture will look and fit into their familiar surroundings.

What makes this special: it all happens straight on the single product site. No app or third party software is necessary. Thanks to AR Quick Look users can make 3D models directly viewable through the Safari browser and bring it out into the real world with just one tap. The only thing needed is an iOS device with software version iOS 12 or higher. iOS 12 and ARKit 2 take advantage of the powerful hardware in iPhone and iPad to bring the virtual world seamlessly into the real world.

This innovative technology offers enormous added values such as excellent customer service, reducing doubts and return deliveries, increasing sales, and providing a unique, comfortable and immersive shopping experience that goes beyond the screen.

Augmented Reality



About the Innovator

This innovation was submitted to us by Nina Stocklöw, Senior Marketing Manager at PHOENIX MEDIA, a Magento Solution Partner. With offices in Stuttgart, Berlin, Vienna and Barcelona, PHOENIX MEDIA has been creating unique B2B and B2C shopping experiences every day for the last ten years, and accompanies customers on their way through digital change.

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