Chatbots, voice shopping, machine learning-powered product recommendations, and now emotional interactions via robots are all major trends in commerce right now. Creatuity combined these into a single, omnichannel-aware AI that runs within a Magento store. This smart agent provides live-chat functionality, allowing customers to browse, filter and search for products using their keyboard or their voice. Powered by Amazon’s Lex service, the agent is able to speak with customers and customers can respond with their voice or via text at their preference.


Thanks to the design of Amazon Lex, the agent is continually learning new commands, with Creatuity’s roadmap including the ability to notify returning customers of changes in their order status, as well as recommending new products that have been added to the site since the customer’s last visit. By monitoring how each customer interacts with the site, the agent will be able to make smarter recommendations - that the customer can then purchase by simply saying out loud “buy this product.”

This functionality has applications for improving user experience on smaller devices such as smartwatches, as well as making it much easier for users with limited vision or challenges using a physical keyboard to use Magento-powered sites. By itself, this is a powerful set of functionality.

Through a secure connection to the Magento API, a portion of the agent resides in a physical robot that lives in each store location of the Magento merchant. This takes the in-store, endless aisle experience beyond a simple kiosk and into a rich, user-friendly experience for all ages to interact with a brand. Store customers are able to learn more about products, find a specific product, and order out of stock products to their home or for store pickup, just by using their voice while interacting with the robot.



"We wanted to make this a truly unique innovation - voice commerce already exists, chatbots already exist. So we took it a step further, and this agent has a physical presence in the real world via robotics."

About the Innovator

This innovation was submitted to us by Josh Warren, CEO at Creatuity. Creatuity is a Magento Solution Partner, who builds, supports and optimizes Magento eCommerce websites.

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