Crowd Funding & Donations

This extension from Imagination Media makes it possible to build a crowd-funding website with Magento 2 using the addition of a "Donation" product type.


The Donation product type requires an amount to be achieved, as well as the configuration of minimum and maximum amounts that the customers can pay for the donation product.

With this feature, another great capability is added to Magento – shared shopping. A customer can add products to the cart, place the order, and generate a link where other people can assist in paying for the order. They will be able to pay the total or just a portion of the total. This makes is super easy to share an order with friends, family, or anyone else. Once the total amount is paid, the original order will be invoiced and shipped.

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About the Innovator

This innovation was submitted to us by Igor Ludgero Miura, Magento Lead Developer at Imagination Media, a Magento Solution Partner. In all aspects of operation, Imagination Media aims to make cutting-edge technology more accessible and easy to process.

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