Head-On Shopping


Embracing the idea that innovation brings around positive change in society, arose the idea of making the shopping experience easier for people dealing with motor disabilities.

Head-on Shopping is the latest Magento mobile shopping feature by CedCommerce. As people with limited mobility might find it difficult to hold and navigate a phone with their hands, the latest technology enables them to do so through simple head movements.

This innovation uses the iPhone X’s TrueDepth front-facing camera that comes with 3D sensors, advanced neural engine, and algorithms. To track head movements and for plotting the movement of a cursor on the screen, Apple’s AR Kit is used.

This feature has a remarkable response rate, tracking even the slightest of head movements with precision. Head movements allow shoppers to navigate through the various shopping actions like product selection, quantity selection, and the checkout process.

CEDCOMMERCE – Head-On Shopping



About the Innovator

This innovation was submitted to us by Abhishek Jaiswal, Director and Co-Founder of CedCommerce, a Magento Community Insider. Driven by a team of highly experienced and veteran professionals, CedCommerce is enabling brick and mortar stores to make the shift to the Internet, as well as helping established online sellers boost sales and success.

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