Omnichannel Consumer App

ConnectPOS Consumer App provides a complete omnichannel experience by allowing in-store shoppers to search products, preorder, and checkout on their mobile devices in seconds, no app installation required.


By scanning barcodes to get access to Consumer App, in-store consumers can experience the same interactions as shopping on an ecommerce website, with the added convenience of being able to touch or try the real items at the same time.

The application simplifies the in-store shopping experience by giving the interactive web app interface full ecommerce functions as a Magento website. Moreover, real time data synchronization ensures smooth operation for the complete omnichannel selling process.


  • Saves costs and time for sales-workforce in serving customers in physical stores
  • Improves sales volume by shortening the decision-making window for customers
  • Optimizes in-store experience to get higher conversion rate
  • Collects accurate insights from in-store behaviors of customers
  • Manages sale data, updated in real time, in a single place
Omnichannel Consumer App



About the Innovator

This innovation was submitted to us by Cuong Nguyen, Sales and Marketing Manager at ConnectPOS, a leading Enterprise POS solution specifically designed for medium to large-sized Magento based retailers, with an emphasis on multistore scalability, high-speed performance, security and precise calculation.

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