Transactional SMS Messaging

Imagination Media is helping merchants keep their customers closer through high touch SMS messages.

People often forget or do not check their personal emails frequently, so as a merchant, if you need to send relevant information to your customer, what’s better than a text message? It's fast, it's easy, and the customer will be more inclined to check a quick text than read an email.


This extension helps merchants keep customers closer using high touch SMS messages, vs. transactional emails that often go unread. Mobile phones are in the hands of just about everyone, so it's easier than ever to notify your customers about their orders.

You can send an SMS message about a new order, a new invoice, or a new shipment. You can also send a reset password link, etc. For every transactional email that is present in Magento, you can create an SMS template and assign it, so the customer will receive the message instead of the email, or both.

You can also enable the feature of shared carts by SMS messages. Imagine a friend of yours is looking for a product, and you find it in a Magento store. You can add this product to your cart and share this cart with a friend. Your friend will receive a text message with a link, and when he accesses this link, he will be sent directly to the cart page, with all the products you had in your cart now in your friend's cart. Easy. Fast. Amazing!


Transactional SMS Messaging for Magento Commerce

About the Innovator

This innovation was submitted to us by Igor Ludgero Miura, Magento Lead Developer at Imagination Media, a Magento Solution Partner. In all aspects of operation, Imagination Media aims to make cutting-edge technology more accessible and easy to process.

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