Voice Assistant

Voice search is considered to be one of the eCommerce trends that is revolutionizing the industry, which returns the appropriate results to a spoken query. And this trend is starting to redefine the way humans interact with computers or systems in order to get their jobs done, with voice-control systems such as Alexa, Google Home and Cortana. “Tappy” is Netstarter's attempt to reshape the shopping experience with voice-activated shopping assistance – both online and in-store.


Netstarter’s vision was a voice-controlled UI that will create a more natural shopping experience, as opposed to conventional browsing. They also identified that this will create positive usage for differently abled individuals since it’s voice-oriented.

The future of Tappy is to learn more about the customers’ interests through their buying behaviors and search patterns to present customized content, products, and offer discounts or promotional deals to increase their intent to purchase, and hence increase the conversion rates in both online and in-store shopping.

Voice Assistant for Magento Commerce



Tappy is integrated with Google home, Google chatbot services, and Magento to create a seamless shopping experience with voice-activated virtual assistance.

About the Innovator

This innovation was submitted to us by Chamal Chamikara, who is the Senior Magento Developer at Netstarter (Pvt) Ltd. Netstarter is a Magento Solution Partner, and combines industry-leading technology with commerce innovation and proven digital marketing strategies to help brands achieve success with Magento.

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