Virtual Reality (VR)

This Virtual Reality experience was designed to be compatible with Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard, as well as an on-site 360˚ VR option for desktop users, without the use of any applications or plugins. As a result, the new VR solution has transformed a classical furniture business with more than 40 years of tradition by infusing their website with an innovative 21st century eCommerce solution.


In addition to creating an immersive desktop VR experience, the team also had to accommodate for third-party VR hardware. To ensure compatibility with all types of VR headsets, a multitude of resolutions and image sizes are available for different phone and headset types.

While developing the software, Scandiweb utilized a number of open-source solutions that together ensure a seamless VR experience encompassing almost all types of VR. In order to achieve the desired VR effect they used stereoscopic cube mapped images and Three.js  —  a Javascript 3D library that helps manipulate WebGL and create the needed 3D projection on an HTML5 canvas element.

Country Casual Teak can now provide its online shoppers with a unique, seamless and comfortable shopping experience, without noticeable increases in page loading times and without requiring visitors to download any 3rd party plugins or software.

Virtual Reality (VR) for Magento Commerce



The main benefit of using a VR solution for eCommerce is that Country Casual Teak can now upload multiple virtual reality locations and have multiple product types displayed in each of them. This enables the customers to easily find and purchase the most suitable furniture after experiencing it in VR.

About the Innovator

This innovation was submitted to us by Aigars Pavlovics, Executive Partner at Scandiweb. Scandiweb is a Magento Solutions Partner, and a full stack vertically integrated service provider with the largest Magento development team in Europe and US.

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