Adobe Commerce makes financing easier for your growing business

Adobe knows sometimes a growing business needs help to move faster. So we’ve partnered with Wayflyer, a leading funding platform, to provide fast, revenue-based funding when you need it most — for anything from filling an inventory gap to making that crucial marketing spend at the perfect time.

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Funds to grow and the insights to spend smarter

Wayflyer’s platform helps you invest in the areas that will grow your business fastest with granular, analytics-driven recommendations.

Adobe Commerce Inventory


Maximize seasonal peaks, sales events, and buying leverage

Adobe Commerce Demand generation

Demand generation

Accelerate new customer acquisition via digital marketing initiatives

Adobe Commerce Online campaigns

Online campaigns

Offer free shipping or returns programs to increase conversion

Adobe Commerce Technology upgrades

Technology upgrades

Improve processing speeds, retention, and customer experience

Adobe Commerce financing

What sets Wayflyer financing apart

  • One simple fee. No interest rates, penalties, credit checks, or personal guarantees.
  • Get offers within hours. Quickly generate funding offers in hours, not days. Once approved, the money is yours in 1-2 business days.
  • Keep ownership. No equity stakes. No warrants. It’s your business now, and it should stay your business no matter how big it grows.
  • Flexible repayment. Your payments stay affordable — higher when sales are up, lower if things slow down.
Adobe Commerce Finance

How it works

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Connect    Connect your store and marketing platforms

Receive    Receive a set of offers based on business performance

Invest    Invest with data-driven insights and grow your business


Customer Success with Wayflyer

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“Banks don’t understand our business. Wayflyer is different. They understand e-commerce startups, they know our cashflow needs as a fast growing business and are able to give us a solution to our short term financing needs. We are in this together. Our success is their success.”

Yehoshua Fried, Co-Founder

Commerce financing from Wayflyer* is available now.

Available to commerce merchants based in the United States.
*Funding application, underwriting, approval, funding, and repayment services are provided solely and exclusively by Wayflyer, Inc.