Magento Cloud Delivery

Cloud Delivery

Unified B2C and B2B commerce with multi-cloud support

Adobe Commerce is a cloud-based platform that enables rapid deployment of fully customizable, secure, and scalable web storefronts with best-in-class services and support guarantees.

Why Adobe Commerce is better in the cloud

Learn how our cloud services can simplify your technology stack
accelerate growth, and reduce your total cost of ownership.

Magento Cloud Options

More cloud options with AWS and Azure

Choose either AWS (Amazon Web Services) or Microsoft Azure as the underlying cloud infrastructure that provides optimized performance, resilience, and elastic scalability.

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Magento High Availability

High availability

Adobe Commerce delivers enterprise grade reliability and a 99.99% service availability guarantee along with a high-availability architecture, which includes production and staging environments along with associated server capacity.

Magento Managed Alerts

Monitoring with Managed Alerts

Our cloud delivery comes with managed alerts in four different categories and two thresholds. Managed Alerts monitors 200 metrics to proactively track performance and stability of the site. Theses alerts include specific instructions on how to fix underlying issues quickly and effectively.

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Magento Log Aggregation

Log aggregation

In partnership with New Relic, Adobe Commerce offers a logging solution that provides a consolidated 360-degree view of your cloud environment. Access aggregated log data from the infrastructure, applications, and content delivery network and firewall services from one place.

Magento Integrated environment

Integrated environment

Adobe Commerce in the cloud offers up to eight integration environments which can be rapidly spun up, merged, cloned, and torn down to aid development and testing. These integration environments work seamlessly with staging and production environments for your live store.

How Magento Commerce Helps IT Do More—and Better

How Adobe Commerce Helps IT Do More—and Better

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10 Ways Magento Commerce is Perfect for Today’s B2B Seller

10 Ways Adobe Commerce is Perfect for Today’s B2B Seller

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The Hidden Costs of a SaaS Platform

The Hidden Costs of a SaaS Platform

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