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Features & Benefits: Scalable & Secure Infrastructure

Magento Commerce provides enterprise-grade reliability, availability, and security, giving you peace of mind. Have confidence knowing you can run your stores without having to worry about managing the underlying infrastructure yourself.


Global infrastructure
Deploy your sites wherever your business operates. Magento Commerce runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and customers can choose to deploy their production environment in any of AWS’ data centers, except GovCloud and China. See the full list of AWS regions here.

Full page caching and global content delivery
Accelerate site performance using the built-in integration with Fastly’s content delivery network (CDN) based on Varnish. Write custom rules to handle web requests using Varnish Configuration Language (VCL) and use the Fastly extension for Magento to manage all aspects of caching and content delivery. The Fastly CDN is also used to provide DDoS protection by helping isolate direct access to the origin servers.  The public DNS only points to the Fastly Network.  The Fastly DDOS solution protects against highly disruptive Layer 3 and Layer 4 attacks, as well as more complex Layer 7 attacks.

Image Optimization
Built on Fastly’s CDN, Fastly Image Optimization (IO) allows our customers to transform and serve images at the edge, closer to their users, without impacting the origin server. With IO merchants see significant performance improvements – drastically increased page speeds and reduced image weight.

Optimize front-end performance
Minify JavaScript, CSS and HTML and compress images to reduce file size for faster loading. Cache all JavaScript and CSS on first page viewed to minimize content that must be downloaded
for subsequent pages.

Optimize back-end performance
Archive orders after a configurable time period to increase store performance. Use the included Magento Performance Toolkit to measure and optimize site speed. Asynchronously process tasks for enhanced performance using a Rabbit MQ job queue framework. Enable large teams of Admin users to make concurrent order and product updates.

High availability (available on Pro plan only)
Enterprise grade reliability and availability with 99.99% service availability guarantee and a high availability architecture. This is enabled by three application environment instances for each Pro customer which provides higher resiliency against events that may cause a single instance to fail (e.g. outage of entire AWS availability zone or data center).

Server environment isolation
The Magento Commerce architecture is designed to provide a highly secure environment.   Each customer is deployed into their own isolated server environment, separated from other customers.

PCI compliant
Magento Commerce Cloud is PCI certified as a Level 1 Solution Provider, so any merchants using Magento Commerce Cloud can use Magento’s PCI Attestation of Compliance to aid their own PCI certification process.

Read only file system
All the executable code is deployed into a read-only file system image, which dramatically reduces the surfaces that are available for attack.  Malicious actors have limited ability to inject PHP or JavaScript code into the system or modify the Magento application files even if a vulnerability exists.

Continuous Releases
The frequent release cycle of the Magento Commerce Cloud delivers continuous infrastructure improvements and functionality enhancements. Quickly and regularly enjoy automated security patching, performance improvements, and developer experience innovation.

Development & deployment tools
Magento Commerce offers out-of-the-box tools to easily develop and deploy your store to Magento’s cloud infrastructure. These tools and UI enable agile and rapid development and testing, encourage good development practices (e.g. testing early and often), reduces dependencies for your engineering team or partner, and removes dependencies on a sys-admin for making updates/changes to your site.

Integration environments
Magento offers up to 8 or up to 3 integration environments which can be rapidly spun up, merged, cloned and torn down to aid development and testing. These integration environments work seamlessly with staging and production environments for your live store.

Performance monitoring & testing
NewRelic Application Performance Management (APM) Pro and Blackfire Enterprise come pre-integrated with Magento Commerce. NewRelic APM Pro provides detailed performance metrics for the Magento application. Blackfire allows developers to write and automate performance tests which can then be used to debug site performance issues

Proactive monitoring and scaling
Magento Commerce comes with proactive monitoring of the entire server environment to watch for service outages, proactive scaling of production site server resources during unexpected surge events, alerts and notifications for customers during such events, and proactive site availability monitoring and notification for customers through our support ticketing system.

Backups & disaster recovery (available on Pro plan only)
Full system backups are taken every six hours.  Backups are retained on the following schedule:

  • Day 1 – 3: every backup is retained
  • Days 4 – 6: a single daily backup is retained
  • Week 2 – 6: a weekly is retained
  • Week 8 – 12: a bi-weekly backup is retained
  • Week 12 – 22: a monthly backup is retained


Backups include the full system – including the file system and the database.  Backups are created using EBS Snapshots and are encrypted. The Recovery Point Objective (RPO) is 6 hours (maximum time to last backup). The Recover Time Objective (RTO) varies depending upon the size of the customer’s storage.  Starter plan customers are responsible for creating and storing backups for their environments and can do so using the UI and the CLI.  

Check out our full Feature List or our detailed user guide.

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