Create richer shopping experiences with Page Builder

Save time creating best-in-class, tailored shopping experiences without creative limits or the need for developer support

B2B and B2C: Experience the Hybrid Power of Adobe Commerce

Experience our interactive product simulation and learn how we set the standard for hybrid eCommerce.

Effortless control over your site content for maximum engagement

Magento Commerce Page Builder

Easy-to-use interface

Enjoy easy drag-and-drop positioning of all content elements and the ability to edit text inline. With our intuitive interface and content editor, it’s always a breeze to create and launch your content.

Personalize the experience

Target content to customer segments to personalize the experience. Then quickly launch content updates to respond in real time to your customers’ behavior.

Support for all content types

Create more immersive experiences. Our content management tool offers full support of text, images, video, sliders, promotional banners, and more in adjustable page layouts.

Content management

Put your content management and content publishing on autopilot. Our Page Builder lets you schedule, preview, and publish content changes to any time in the future.

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Using Page Builder

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