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Deliver a Truly Connected Shopping Experience

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eCommerce Inventory Software that Makes Order Management Easy

Are you selling both online and in stores? Do you have the ability to fulfill orders from anywhere? A loyal customer has confidence in your ability to deliver what they want where they want it. Ship to home? Of course. Order online and pick up in store? No problem. Customer can’t find exact item in store but associate finds at another location and ships to home or any other store? All of this is now possible with Magento Order Management.

Order Management Just Got a Lot Easier

Magento understands that your growing business needs more flexibility and functionality to meet ever-changing customer desires. Now, you can extend your commerce platform with order management to deliver the ultimate shopping experience and make your life easier too. Know where your stuff is so you can sell it. Fulfill orders directly from your stores. Provide an “endless aisle” of product to consumers. Sell effectively anywhere to anyone.

Achieve Fast Results, and Enjoy Customer Loyalty

Your ability to react quickly to customer demand is your greatest value. With Magento Order Management you have a real-time, comprehensive view of your customers, orders and inventory. Fulfill from the best location (store, warehouse, drop-shipper) so the customer gets their product fast and save money by shipping from the most efficient place. Exceed the high expectations of your customers, and keep them coming back. And giving them more ways to buy increases your profits too.

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Get to Market Faster, Lower Your Order Management Costs

There is a heightened sense of urgency for better order management. Customer expectations are escalating. Your competitors are making new technology investments every day. You need to stay ahead and get to market faster and with Magento, you can. Together with your Magento Commerce Platform, Order Management gives you the systems and process necessary to meet your business goals – delivering better customer experiences, more sales, and lower fulfillment costs.

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Increase your Order Delivery Options

See how Magento Order Management gives you maximum flexibility to better manage your inventory and deliver products to customers to and from anywhere.

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