Magento Order Management

Sell from and fulfill from everywhere

Magento Order Management helps businesses with multiple brands, sites, stores, warehouses, etc. create seamless cross-channel experiences. 

How To Maximize Omnichannel

The Right Order Management Solution For Your Customers

Create an Endless Aisle Using Order Management

Deliver a shopping experience your customers will appreciate every time they engage by bridging the gap between your digital and physical worlds, from sites and stores to warehouses. Simplify how you deliver world-class omni-channel experiences with powerful behind the scenes technology; while making it easier to provide satisfying customer service across all touchpoints.

Unite Your eCommerce Channels

Order Management takes your commerce capabilities to the next level. Enable advanced orchestration between demand and supply – across multiple sales channels and sources of inventory.

  • Turn stores into mini-distribution centers
  • Create and expose a single view of orders and inventory across channels
  • Provide customers with flexible omnichannel fulfillment options
  • Handle complex order & fulfillment needs such as back-order and BOPIS.
  • Intelligently automate sourcing across channels

Rural King united 110 stores across 13 states to drive 34% increase in revenue.

Order Management - Multichannel Marketing
Order Management System for Growth and Expansion

Support Growth and Expansion

Ensure that you can execute on all of your strategic plans for growth and expansion. Take advantage of one solution that reduces the complexities of adding new brands, channels, and locations. With an order management system you can....

  • Integrate all brands across multiple sites, stores and fulfillment centers.
  • Lower total cost of ownership with a single integrated order management platform
  • Access and manage every channel from one central management system
  • Consolidate supply and demand from all current and new channels
  • Easily add new nodes to enable scalable expansion business

Gabor expanded inventory to over 80 stores to drive 100% monthly revenue growth.

Inspire Customer Service

Empower your front-line teams to turn every customer engagement into a pleasant one. Make it easier for them to take the actions they need to happily support your customers while driving lifelong loyalty.

  • Provide real-time global view of all inventory
  • Centralize holistic order information from every channel
  • Easily modify order information such as shipping address
  • Alter custom customer or order attributes like loyalty programs
  • Quickly generate returns, appeasements, and automate refunds.

Devlyn empowered store associates to drive 200% increase in saved sales.

Order Management - Customer Service - Customer Satisfaction

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