Magento Order Management

Magento Order Management

Powering World-Class Omnichannel Experiences

Bridge the online and in-store gap and drive seamless customer experiences with an order fulfillment system that enables flexible, convenient, and cost-efficient delivery. Now, you can extend your commerce platform with order management to deliver the ultimate shopping experience. Fulfill orders from anywhere with a PC, PoS or tablet. Provide an “endless aisle” of product to consumers. Sell effectively anywhere to anyone.

How To Maximize Omnichannel

The Right Solution For You And Your Customers

Key Features

Distributed Order Management

Deliver one view across all channels and route orders to the appropriate fulfillment location.

  • Order State & Event Management
  • Order Orchestration & Routing
  • Partial Shipment & Order Splitting
  • Pre-Sale, Backorders, & Returns


    Global Inventory Management

    Provide full inventory visibility and exceed customer expectations.

    • Track inventory everywhere (Stores, Vendors, etc.)
    • In-transit Inventory
    • Intelligent Sourcing & Allocation

    Omnichannel Fulfillment

    Turn stores, suppliers, and partners into mini-distribution centers. Expose inventory to online shoppers and provide flexible fulfillment options.

    • Ship-from-Store and Ship-to-Store
    • Buy online, pick up in store (BOPIS)
    • Endless aisle of inventory
    • Carrier Integration


    Customer Service

    Deliver high client satisfaction with our customer service features.

    • Order Details & Status Lookup
    • Appeasements, Refunds & Credit Edits
    • Order Escalation Workflow

    Your Benefits

    Become More Efficient

    • Add in-store pickup & ship to and from store to increase sales
    • Enable associates to "save the sale" with an endless aisle of inventory
    • Increase visibility of inventory for improved sales velocity
    • Go global to deliver a consistent brand experience to new markets
    • Coordinate across brands, channels, devices and experiences

    More Fulfillment Options Means More Sales

    • Connect your global inventory
    • Sell anywhere, eliminate out of stocks
    • Intelligent sourcing from best location
    • Move faster, avoid markdowns

    Re-envision omnichannel experiences

    • Ensure a seamless shopping experience across all channels
    • Get product into the customers hands more quickly
    • Let your service teams to easily interact with customers and orders
    • Allow customer service reps to quickly make changes to orders

    Reduce TCO

    • Get to market quickly with purpose-built SaaS solution
    • Save time & money on customizing your store, ERP or POS system
    • Easily integrate with standard connections
    • Streamline order processing to lower fulfillment costs
    Omni channel features

    Feature Highlight

    Manage Your Business Centrally

    Watch how Magento Order Management’s powerful and intuitive admin dashboard can improved visibility of your customer and inventory data. Managing your omnichannel business just got a lot easier.

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