Magento Shipping

How Magento merchants exceed shipping expectations across the globe.

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Save Time, Drive Growth and Compete

Deliver more value with shipping through enhanced features that are integrated right into your daily workflow.
Save time by streamlining manual fulfillment processes, create experiences that drive conversion
and offer the shipping services that are required to compete in today’s commerce landscape.

 Magento Commerce plus Express Package equals Your Successful Store

Integrate Your Carriers

Simplify how you work with multiple carriers with a single gateway to integrate, configure and manage multiple carrier accounts right into Magento. Leverage their collective services to meet the needs of your customers.

Delight Your Commerce Customers

Create unique shipping experiences that get displayed to the end consumer - right on your website. Combine shipping services with other attributes such as order value, weight or specific products from your catalog to deliver a compelling offer.

Automate with Ease

Accomplish more while spending less time making it happen with the rules-based engine. Automate the pick, pack and label process with your own custom logic. Create rules using a mix of carrier services, destinations, and more.

Global carrier support and rates ensures businesses are able
to reach every potential customer, across all borders.

 A Trusted Network of Global Carriers

In order to also increase localized support, Magento Shipping software continues to add a growing list of
integrated regional carriers across North and South America, Europe and Asia.

Request Access to Magento Shipping

Merchants on Magento Commerce 2.2.2 and later, or Magento Open Source 2.2.2 and later, can access Magento Shipping from within their Magento admin. If you are a Magento merchant interested in implementing Magento Shipping, or if you are a Magento business interested in understanding how optimized shipping capabilities can help grow profitability. We encourage you to request access to Magento's open source shipping software, and a representative will reach out to you quickly.

Drive Greater Revenue with eCommerce Software

Create and Display Shipping Experiences that Drive Greater Revenue

Use Magento Shipping to deliver compelling offers based on multiple variable such as products, cart size, geography and more.


eCommerce Shipping Solutions by Magento - Lower Shipping Costs

Reduce Costs and Fulfill Shipping Promises

Magento Shipping software helps merchants compare and select the best carrier rates that meet the expectations of every eCommerce order.


As many of our shipments are bulky, we needed a powerful shipping solution which can adapt to our needs - and Magento Shipping has achieved this easily.


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