Magento Shipping

Intelligent, Multi-Carrier
Shipping Software

Magento Shipping enables you to provide superior customer service while streamlining your operations.

The 5 W's of Drop Shipping Tax Rules

Drop shipping is a smart, go-to strategy for retailers looking to capture and retain customer attention. With increased revenue and customer expectations, come new concerns.

Turn Shipping Into a Profit Machine

Automate order fulfillment and logistics
Powerful automation features help you streamline fulfillment from multiple locations and create new, customer-focused omnichannel experiences. Configure eCommerce shipping options and fulfillment automation rules directly from the Magento admin.

Reduce shipping-related costs
Advanced packing rules and shipment rating ensures efficient carrier selection and more accurate carrier billing. Compare rates for comparable carrier services from within the Magento shipping software admin.

Drive cart conversion and revenue
Shipping is a big deal for shoppers, and having the right shipping options can drive their satisfaction and repeat purchase intent. Increase sales and loyalty by dynamically displaying convenient, competitively priced shipping options, and by keeping your delivery promise to customers.

Powered by Temando
Temando powers Magento Shipping with an enterprise-grade API that provides speed, scalability, reliability, and connectivity with third party WMS, OMS, and ERP systems. Built on the latest AWS and micro service technology, Magento eCommerce Shipping software is easy to set up and configure. It provides instant access to the newest carriers and carrier add-ons without the need for software updates.

Global eCommerce Shipping Companies

Easily Connect With Global Shipping Carriers

More quickly and easily service international markets through out-of-the-box access and account registration with some of the world's leading carriers.

Request Access to Magento Shipping

Merchants on Magento Commerce 2.2.2 and later, or Magento Open Source 2.2.2 and later, can access Magento Shipping from within their Magento admin. If you are a Magento merchant interested in implementing Magento Shipping, or if you are a Magento business interested in understanding how optimized shipping capabilities can help grow profitability. We encourage you to request access to Magneto's open source shipping software, and a representative will reach out to you quickly.

As many of our shipments are bulky, we needed a powerful shipping solution which can adapt to our needs - and Magento Shipping has achieved this easily.


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The 5 W's of Drop Shipping Tax Rules

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