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The automobile is a marvel of human ingenuity and engineering. Even the average family car has 3,000+ parts, performing at high speed and precision. Selling cars, parts, and accessories involves hundreds of different manufacturers, models, and release years, creating millions of choices. Yet customers expect a simple, seamless experience that feels as easy as buying a smartphone.

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Why Magento for Automotive?

The Perfect Fitment

Capturing the relationship and exact fit parameters between the part and the car is critical. If you can help your customer confidently find the right part for their car, you’ll win their business for life. With Magento Commerce you can create multiple product variables that connect multiple databases to ensure your customer gets it right, first time.

Mobile Under the Hood

When your customer is under the hood of their car, or addressing a problem in a shop, they need to effortlessly locate the required part without stepping away to a desktop. Magento enables your customers to confidently find the right part or accessory on their mobile, and make payment in less than 10 minutes.

Integrated Relationship Data

Vehicle-product relationship data lives across countless databases from various manufacturers, suppliers, and dealers. To deliver accurate, real-time information to your customer, you need a robust integration across databases and inventory management. With Magento you can orchestrate complicated integrations, processing logic and routing with ease.

Demystify Complex Products

Make complicated product options easy for your customer, with kits, bundles, and custom product attributes. Magento enables custom ‘fit my car’ tools to easily walk your customer through complete ‘kit’ options that are the perfect fit for the make, model, and year of their vehicle.

Sell Auto Parts Online with Magento

With Magento eCommerce software, you can offer complex product options, kits, bundles, and custom attributes. Read how these auto companies have achieved success with Magento.


With Magento, Yakima Found the Perfect Fit
With Magento, Yakima Found the Perfect Fit
SEAT leveraged the advanced Magento 2 eCommerce platform to highlight their technology leadership, and design an immersive, mobile-optimized website that embodied their 'technology to enjoy' brand.
Vink VTS
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We focus on using the latest technologies as a means of sustaining our brand and our leadership. The decision to implement Magento 2 is a strategic investment designed to deliver more engaging experiences while future proofing our eCommerce platform.

Swen Haupt Project Manager at Seat Germany Responsible for the Magento 2 Project