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The beauty and personal care industry once relied on a customer’s ability to touch, smell, and sample products. Yet technological advances and the rise of digital influencers has created a boom for online beauty shopping. To capitalize on this growth, you need the latest commerce technologies and create stunning shopping experiences.

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Why Magento for Health & Beauty?

Boost Sales with Segmentation and Personalization

Your customers have complicated beauty regimes. Magento Commerce allows you to enhance the digital experience with segmentation and personalization. Now you can create personalized product suggestions based on consumer demographics, location, lifestyle, and skin care concerns. 

Connect with Customers Anytime, Anywhere

Entice mobile-savvy beauty buyers with mobile-optimized content and experiences. With responsive Magento design themes you can get to market fast and encourage customers to visit your store wherever they are: at home, at work; on a phone, or on a tablet.

Easily Manage Merchandising & Regulatory Compliance

Seamlessly blend your brand, content, and eCommerce, while ensuring your marketing meets regulatory rules and requirements. With Magento you can easily integrate gift-with-purchase, how-to videos, virtual try-on, customer reviews, and social media channels into your product pages. Plus, tailor pricing based on location or institutional contract agreements.

Showcase Unique Product Attributes & Bundles

From color shades to formularies, custom product attributes are essential when matching products to customer needs. Magento Commerce helps your customer find the perfect shade of foundation, cream color corrector, and illuminator. You can showcase multiple products on your beauty website with robust product bundling to grow your average order value.

Sell Makeup Online with Magento

Read how these companies, ranging from small beauty shops to global pharmaceutical giants, like Pierre Fabre, have achieved eCommerce success with Magento.


Kate Somerville
Within the first week of its launch on Magento Commerce, Kate Somerville’s comprehensive site upgrades showed a vast improvement in site traffic and conversion rates.
Pierre Fabre Laboratories
Pierre Fabre is the third-largest pharmaceutical laboratory in France. After migrating all four of their brands to Magento, they were rewarded with one of the best eCommerce sites.