eCommerce Platforms for Small Business

Magento for
Small Business

Magento Commerce is an all-in-one solution that delivers the power of Magento at affordable prices for Small Business eCommerce.

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Why Magento for Small Business eCommerce?

Magento Commerce provides integrated core commerce features including cloud hosting and deployment,
support, business intelligence and tools to accelerate your sales. Plus, Magento pairs you with a certified partner
who offers low cost implementation Rapid Deployment Packages to help you go live quickly and easily. Building a small business eCommerce website has never been so easy. 

 Magento Commerce plus Express Package equals Your Successful Store


Cloud hosting eliminates the costs of maintaining, monitoring and hosting an eCommerce solution yourself, thereby reducing your total cost of ownership. A monthly subscription fee gives you a solution you can budget for. And when you need to add new capabilities, thousands of affordable extensions are available from our Marketplace.


Magento Commerce is an endlessly customizable platform that evolves with you as your site traffic increases, and as you grow to multiple stores, brands, channels or product configurations. You'll also benefit from built-in global support, so you can easily transact in multiple countries.


Magento sets the standard for secure commerce solutions and is trusted by the world’s fastest-growing eCommerce merchant base, expected to drive $155B in gross merchandise volume in 2018. Magento gives you the reliability you need to run your B2B or B2C business with confidence.

 Magento Commerce plus Express Package equals Your Successful Store

Small Business eCommerce - Express Packages

Launch in 10 weeks with help from our certified solution partners

Our experienced solution partners offer special design and implementation bundles for small business eCommerce so you can go live quickly and affordably.


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Usman Riaz Co-CEO, Ego Shoes